Stairwell Pressurisation Logan

Your Local Stairwell Pressurisation Installer in Logan

The Building Code of Australia requires a stairwell pressurisation system to ensure the occupants of a building have sufficient time to evacuate the building in a fire emergency. Air Care Logan can install a stairwell pressurisation system to keep the stairs relatively clear of smoke while operating at a low enough pressure that an average person can open the doors to enter or exit the stairwell.

Pressurisation Systems Offer These Benefits:

  • Protection of escape routes
  • Protection of fire-fighting shafts
  • Ideal for multi storey residential apartments (above 25 mtrs)
  • Ideal for two-story office buildings to 20+ floor hotels
  • Peace of mind to know that your employees or residents are safe


Specialising in providing the total stairwell ventilation solution’s in Logan. Air Care’s team of experienced designers and technicians are able to deliver a tailored service to meet your specific requirements. No matter how large or small your building is, we will make sure that you are fully compliant with the latest Australian Standards for fire safety. On completion of your installation, we’ll issue a compliance certificate for your records.

When installed, the stairwell pressurisation system will be in normal mode. In the event of a fire in the building, the stairwell pressurisation system will automatically change from normal mode to fire mode and start the system. The system will protect escape routes against the entry of smoke by maintaining the pressure within the stairwell at a higher pressure than that in the rest of the building.

Service & Testing

Pressurisation systems should be service and tested annually in accordance with Australian standards. Use Air Care to manage your stair pressurisation system and you will rest easy knowing that the stairwell fans will function as required, restricting the flow of smoke in these areas and keeping escape routes clear for evacuation.

We have the experience to manage stair pressurisation in buildings of any size and work to satisfy all codes and legislation. Air change rates, correct pressures between floors, and door pull forces are key items in a safe building.